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Preventive Pest Control is now Northwest Exterminating!

Uniting two world class organizations. Preventive Pest Control has merged with Northwest Exterminating to become the premier pest control provider throughout the greater Phoenix and Tucson metropolitan areas. Combining over 50 years of pest management experience and the latest scientific breakthroughs to solve all your pest control issues and exceed your expectations. Our continued dedication to you, our customers, will not waver. You can rely on the exceptional quality and professional service you have come to expect.

All Your Arizona Pest Control Solutions Under One Roof

For over 20 years Preventive Pest Control has been providing Arizona pest control solutions you can depend on.  First, a free inspection of your property will be conducted to determine the level of service required to keep your property safe from unwanted invaders. You can then make an informed decision when choosing one of our full-coverage plans that will shield against the most common pest we face in The Valley. We'll seek out hot spots and treat pest at every service visit and communicate any previously unidentified pest problems or conducive conditions found on your property. We'll also implement a protective barrier around the exterior of your site to help eliminate pest problems before they enter the property. Have an issue between scheduled visits? No problem. We'll come back at no additional cost to you.

Preventive Pest Control Service In Arizona

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Knowledge, experience, and a commitment to excellence is our mission. We provide a variety of services specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers in Maricopa County. Our promise to you; We will consistently deliver quality service at an affordable price and solve your pest problems

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Guaranteed solutions for a complete peace of mind


At Preventive our goal is to eradicate your immediate pest issues, then provide you with a treatment plan designed to Prevent future pest problems.
20 Years in Business! A BIG Thank You to all our incredible customers!

Knowledge, experience, and a commitment to excellence is our mission. We provide a variety of services specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers in the Phoenix area. Our promise to you; We will consistently deliver quality service at an affordable price and solve your pest problems.

Think Pest Control, Think Northwest

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Protect your family and home from unwanted invaders, we are experts in controlling and exterminating scorpions, termites, rodents, spiders, ants, pigeons, and a host of other insects. Choose from one of our value pest plans, specialized treatments for specific pests, home sealing, trapping and exclusion packages or one-off service. One call for all your Arizona pest control company & service needs.

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Keep Pest Out with Home Exclusion Services

Protect your family and property from unwanted invaders, we are prevention and exterminator experts for scorpions, rodents, and pigeons from entering and nesting on your property. Choose from one of our specialized treatments for specific pests, including home sealing, trapping and exclusion. Preventive Pest Control Arizona is truly your one call for all your pest control service needs. Serving Valley-Wide for the ultimate convenience.


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At Northwest, our focus is on you, the customer, keeping your family and home safe from unwanted pests such as bed bugs through our excellent service in pest management. As a highly-rated Arizona pest control service, we know trust and relationships are built over time, if given the opportunity, we are confident your satisfaction with our pest control services and customer service will allow for a long-lasting relationship. Our best pest control and other specialty divisions across the valley are here to help you get rid of those unwanted pests.

20 Years in Business! A BIG Thank You to all our incredible customers!

"I can't say enough good things about this company, they have kept my home Scorpion and Rodent free for over 8 years. When my technician noticed Termite tubes, he immediately set up a free Termite inspection and had my home treated for Termites within a couple of days at a fair price with a 5-year warranty. I definitely recommend Preventive Pest to all my neighbors"- Sheryl H.

General Pest ServicesPest Control Service

More about Preventive Pest Control Company. Formed in 1998 with multiple branch locations, all are locally owned and operated. In the Arizona, we have two locations providing full pest control service in the East Valley and Phoenix/West Valley. We have built this business on a set of core values, Integrity, we keep our word and do what we say, Ethics, truthful and trustworthy with all our customers and co-workers, Knowledge, continually educate ourselves to deliver quality service, Respect, treat our customers and co-workers the same as we would like to be treated, and customer service, this is the foundation that has been built to satisfy thousands of long term pest control customers and co-workers for two decades. Our pest management is the answer, and as far as pest control companies go, we are your go-to for excellent service.


Red represents: Interior barrier focusing on pest entry points and harborage areas

Yellow represents: Complete liquid barrier around exterior of home as well as fenceline and fence column treatment and interior of garage

*Blue represents: A long lasting 15' granular barrier around the home

*Red dots represent: Glue boards placed at pest entry points at corners of garage door and notable hot spots

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Phoenix & West Valley | 623-516-2220East Valley | 480-405-1426


We have decades of experience controlling Valley pests. Let us take a look a your pest issues and concerns today with our FREE same-day assessment.

Our service pledge covers all residential pests on the interior and exterior of your property. We not only clear the area but we also do our best to prevent future pest problems before they occur. We are head and shoulders above the competition and our testimonials and results prove it.



Carolyn M.

All of the employees that I have come in contact with are responsible and respectful. They complete the job. They take extra steps to make sure the office is safe and secure. I am pleased with Preventive. I would recommend Preventive to my family, friends, and anyone else who is in need of a thorough exterminator.

Frank C.

We’ve been using Preventive Pest Control for over a year now and am proud to write a review about a company that I feel have given us excellent service every time they’ve come out to spray.The techs are friendly and informative and seem to care about their work. It’s a good feeling to know that we don’t worry about the dangerous insects around here considering we have 3 dogs and have never had a problem with them ever getting bitten. Keep up the good work!!!!


Unlike termite control, ant control is included in all our regularly scheduled prest control service plans. As with most pests, ant control is accomplished through a combination of sanitation, cultural practices and responsible use of pesticide by a licensed technician. The goal is to kill the entire colony without "budding" the colony. Colony budding usually occurs when using the wrong products and not treating colony itself. Many homeowners attempting ant control have experienced "more ants" after attempting to solve the problem themselves. If you are facing an ant problem, call Preventive for a comprehensive and proven method of killing ants and keeping them out of your home and yard.

Health/Safety Concerns 
Native Fire Ants possess a powerful sting and should be avoided by people and pets. If you notice Ants of any species call Preventive Pest Control, in most cases we can respond within 24 hours (usually same day) to eliminate the danger and help with pest control service. When ants contaminate any food product, it is best to dispose of that food (including pet food). Serving Phoenix, we have you covered

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Helpful Tips Store all perishable food in a sealed plastic container, store all pet food in sealed plastic containers. Wipe countertops and sweep floors regularly, leaving pet food out will attract ants. Grass, pavers and pool decks are well known ant habitats and will be regularly treated by your Preventive Pest Technician, your go-to pest control, family owned company serving Phoenix.


Like bed bugs and termite control, control of Cockroaches starts with proper identification. For example, the American Roach (or sewer roach) is more easily controlled than the more common German cockroach. That said, all cockroaches are survivors, constantly reproducing and masters of hiding in the most inaccessible places making the Cockroach a challenging adversary.

At Preventive, we have developed a multi-pronged approach dedicated to eliminating cockroach from your home. Our initial cockroach cleanout service includes vacuuming hot spots (under and behind refrigerator, stove and dishwasher) to kill active roaches and remove oothecas (egg sacs) treating inside plumbing voids and under appliances with the latest products and techniques.

Two follow-up pest control service treatments are timed to coincide with the reproductive cycle of adults, thus killing any newborn roaches. Roach Monitor, trapping devices, and baits are strategically placed to finish off the population. In many cases, sealing entry points will be required, caulking holes where pipes pass through a wall may be necessary in the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of the house in order to control German Cockroaches.

Cockroach Control Services

Exploding Populations
German cockroaches produce a large number of eggs per ootheca (about 35 eggs) and they undergo the shortest time from hatching until sexual maturity, resulting in a rapid population growth. The length of the egg stage varies from 14 to 35 days, with six to seven nymphal stages (instars) occurring over a period of 6 to 31 weeks. The life span of the adult female varies from 20 to 30 weeks, she will produce nearly 400 eggs in her lifetime, THAT'S JUST ONE FEMALE. In one year over 10,000 descendants can be produced, assuming two generations per year. Serving Phoenix, we can help you this exploding population.

Health Hazards
German cockroaches produce odorous secretions, when cockroach populations are high, these secretions may result in a foul odor in the general region of the infestation. Disease-producing organisms such as bacteria, protozoans, and viruses have been found on cockroach bodies. Different forms of gastroenteritis (food poisoning, dysentery, diarrhea, and other illnesses) appear to be the principal diseases transmitted by German cockroaches. The organisms causing these diseases are carried on the legs and bodies of cockroaches and are deposited on food and utensils as the roaches forage. Cockroach excrement and cast skins also contain a number of allergens to which many people exhibit allergic responses, such as skin rashes, watery eyes and sneezing, congestion of nasal passages, and asthma.

Helpful Tips
It is difficult to keep cockroaches from entering your home via boxes, grocery bags, suitcases, and the like, but you can take steps to prevent a serious problem. A key factor in prevention is sanitation. Clean up all spilled foods, including crumbs on the floor. Do not leave dirty dishes overnight. Store items such as cereal, crackers, cookies, flour, sugar, and bread in airtight sealed containers. Empty garbage each evening into a sturdy container with a tightly fitted lid. Structural modifications such as caulking holes in walls where pipes pass through are necessary in the kitchen, bathroom, and other areas of the house in order to control German cockroaches. Serving Phoenix all year long, have Preventive Pest Control, a family owned company, come out and help you with your pest problems.


Although bees play an essential role directly and indirectly in the pollination of our food source, bees can be very dangerous when they build their hive inside our homes, under sheds and inside meter boxes. Phoenix is home to crossbred Africanized honey bees, these bees become overly aggressive and will attack in large numbers when they feel provoked. Each year people and pets are attacked by Africanized bees causing severe allergic reactions, and in some cases, death.

Preventive Pest Control Bee experts are trained to determine if bees are just swarming and will disperse within a day or two, or if bees have built a hive within the walls of your home or other structure on the property. In the case of home invasion the hive must be removed. The potential danger to you, your pets, and neighbors is extreme. Call Preventive Pest Control immediately if you suspect bees are nesting in or around your home.

*We will inspect the area at no charge to determine what steps need to be taken
*Provide you an estimate to eliminate the hazard and the scope of work to be performed
*Remove all bees and honeycomb, treat the exposed area to deter re-infestation to that location
*Notify you of safety measures to be taken before, during, and after the process is complete

Ant Control

Bee extraction experts will assess the situation and advise you of the best plan of action. Due to the extreme danger to our technician, and the fact the only way to determine if bees are Africanized would be to get attacked, we kill and remove the hive. We are cognizant of the enormous role bees play in our food source, but risking an attack and potential allergic reaction from our clients or co-workers is too large a risk to take. Based on the location of the hive it may be recommended to remove the entire hive.

Due to an accidental release of African honeybees from a Brazilian laboratory in the 1950s, populations of Africanized bees interbred with feral European honeybee colonies. By the 1990s, Africanized bee colonies had been established in the southwestern United States. Bee experts now believe all feral bee colonies in the U.S. have become Africanized.

Nicknamed “killer bees,” Africanized bees attack with force in numbers and pursue perceived threats for longer distances. Because of the danger posed by Africanized bee colonies, Preventive Pest Control advises to keep your distance from swarming bees and hive building activity.

Health Risk - Some people are allergic to bee stings and may go into anaphylactic shock if stung, that can be fatal. Africanized bees protecting the hive will attack perceived threats in a wide area around the actual hive making unsuspecting neighbors potential targets of the bee’s aggression.

Call Preventive Pest Control Bee experts to safely remove the danger.


Rodent infestations in the Phoenix area have skyrocketed over the past decade. Roof rats and Pack rat infestations have become a common occurrence in our area. Ideally, exclusion measures should be taken to seal the home before rodents have an opportunity to enter. Most often, homeowners are not aware of rodents until the damage has begun.Signs of roof rats; scratching sounds, chewing noises, and the pitter-patter of little feet in the attic (usually at night). If you or a neighbor have citrus trees, look for a perfectly round hole in the fruit where the rat has eaten the pulp. Overhanging tree limbs provide a perfect ladder for roof rats to begin probing the roof for attic access.

Signs of pack rats; chewed up wire harness on your vehicle, rat droppings inside the outdoor barbeque, nesting materials around dense vegetation areas in the yard, chewed up weather strip on garage door.

As you may notice, a common theme with rodent activity is gnawing. Rats must continually chew to keep their front teeth from growing out of control. Rats will eat through wood, PVC plumbing pipes, wiring harnesses, HVAC ductwork and a variety of other materials.

Rodent Control Services

Health concerns and monetary damages
Diseases carried by rodents can also be spread to humans indirectly, through fleas, ticks, or mites that have fed on an infected rodent. Roof rats will turn your attic in to their personal litter box, urinating and defecating constantly! The airborne spores right above your head can cause severe health concerns such as; Hantavirus, Plague

Potential damage to your property
Rats eating wires in your home can create a fire hazard, rats eating the wiring harness on your vehicle can be very costly as well. Removal and replacement of insulation is a reality many homeowners face when dealing with rodent infestation after the damage is done.

Fortunately, Preventive Pest Control experts can provide both proactive solutions to guarantee your home will not be soiled by rodents and, we can deliver cost effective solutions if rodents have already begun infesting your property. A thorough inspection of your home will be required to assess the level of rodent activity, where to set traps, all rodent entry points to be excluded, eliminating conducive conditions, creating permanent barriers and the need for ongoing monitoring/baiting. We will also provide visuals of any damage we may find. Your Preventive Pest Inspector will consult with you on the removal, sanitation, disinfecting and replacement of attic insulation if needed. Serving Phoenix and a family owned company, our pest control service can help. *T.A.P. Insulation Service

Moving to Florida and needing a pest management company?
Precision pest control mirrors our offered proactive solutions and quality customer satisfaction. They are a great recommendation for those residing in Orlando, Florida and a big problem solver when it comes to Central Florida termite extermination.

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