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Bed Bug Control

The #1 Bed Bug Extermination Service

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sleep safe bed bug program

All our bedbug services include specialty bedbug mattress and box spring containment covers

High intensity ULV treatments for longer lasting protection

An initial clean-out service and two follow up treatments ALL included in one low price

Option for year-round warranty

Option for post treatment canine search to ensure your home or business is bedbug free

Bed Bug control

Only 30%-40% of people bitten by bedbugs will show signs and symptoms of the bite.

Sleep Safe Bed Bug Program

Inspection- Preventive Pest Control inspectors are looking for signs of bedbugs; blood stains on bedding around headboard, looking under mattress, box springs, anywhere the potential host (human) has slept. Often times the person feeling bites will grab a blanket and pillow and move to another room, bedbugs will hitch a ride and infect the new location.

Sighting of a live bedbug only occurs 20%-30% of the time! We look for “signs” like dead carcasses and blood stains. Many people experiencing bedbugs for the first time have common factors leading up to the infestation such as recent travel, guests staying over, or an outbreak at a school or daycare. Only 30%-40% of people bitten by bedbugs will show signs and symptoms of the bite. Bites from bedbugs are usually 3 bite marks in a row 1/8 inch apart. Bites become itchy, scratching will result in a rash around bite area.

Once bedbug infestation has been confirmed, your Preventive Pest Inspector will make a visual assessment of the areas to be treated. Typically, the bathroom, kitchen and any appliance emitting heat will not need to be included in the treatment (bedbugs hate heat).

Treat Your Home the
Preventive Way

Our recommendation will most likely include treating the entire residence in terms of sleeping and resting areas, clothes closets and dressers, drapes and behind picture frames. We must also treat behind electrical outlets and any wall voids. When under attack bedbugs will hide in every crack and crevice they can find. Two to three follow- up treatments are required to ensure infestation has been killed, which is all included in the initial service quote.

Client information will be provided to guide you through the prep work you must do to ensure success of the service.

*Clothes must be run through the dryer on HIGH HEAT do not overload dryer ALL ITEMS IN THE DRYER MUST REACH A TEMPERATURE OVER 140 DEGREES FARENHEIGHT. Once laundered, all clothes except 3-4 sets customer is going to wear will be placed in large heavy-duty plastic bags until entire process is complete. ALL OTHER CLOTHES REMAIN IN A SEALED BAG UNTIL PROCESS IS COMPLETE.

Small items and clutter must be placed in a heavy-duty plastic bags and sealed, bags must remain sealed through the duration of the service.‍

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