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Although bees play an essential role directly and indirectly in the pollination of our food source, bees can be very dangerous when they build their hive inside our homes, under sheds and inside meter boxes. Phoenix is home to crossbred Africanized honey bees, these bees become overly aggressive and will attack in large numbers when they feel provoked. Each year people and pets are attacked by Africanized bees causing severe allergic reactions, and in some cases, death.

Bee Damage... Can be Costly!

Preventive Pest Control Bee experts are trained to determine if bees are just swarming and will disperse within a day or two, or if bees have built a hive within the walls of your home or other structure on the property. In the case of home invasion the hive must be removed. The potential danger to you, your pets, and neighbors is extreme. Call Preventive Pest Control immediately if you suspect bees are nesting in or around your home.

*We will inspect the area at no charge to determine what steps need to be taken

*Provide you an estimate to eliminate the hazard and the scope of work to be performed

*Remove all bees and honeycomb, treat the exposed area to deter re-infestation to that location

*Notify you of safety measures to be taken before, during, and after the process is complete

Bee extraction experts will assess the situation and advise you of the best plan of action. Due to the extreme danger to our technician, and the fact the only way to determine if bees are Africanized would be to get attacked, we kill and remove the hive. We are cognizant of the enormous role bees play in our food source, but risking an attack and potential allergic reaction from our clients or co-workers is too large a risk to take. Based on the location of the hive it may be recommended to remove the entire hive.

Due to an accidental release of African honeybees from a Brazilian laboratory in the 1950s, populations of Africanized bees interbred with feral European honeybee colonies. By the 1990s, Africanized bee colonies had been established in the southwestern United States. Bee experts now believe all feral bee colonies in the U.S. have become Africanized.

Nicknamed “killer bees,” Africanized bees attack with force in numbers and pursue perceived threats for longer distances. Because of the danger posed by Africanized bee colonies, Preventive Pest Control advises to keep your distance from swarming bees and hive building activity.

Health Risk

Some people are allergic to bee stings and may go into anaphylactic shock if stung, that can be fatal. Africanized bees protecting the hive will attack perceived threats in a wide area around the actual hive making unsuspecting neighbors potential targets of the bee’s aggression.

Call Preventive Pest Control Bee experts to safely remove the danger.

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