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Best Time of Year to Spray House for Bugs

June 9, 2021

Are you wondering what the best time of year to spray house for bugs is? Bugs are dangerous insects, and every homeowner and property manager should take bed bug infestation seriously. For example, when you get bed bug bites, you can acquire infections from the scratches, suffer from allergic reactions, and stress.

Best Time of Year to Spray House for Bugs
Best Time of Year to Spray House for Bugs

Best Time of Year to Spray House for Bugs

As a homeowner, you can take proactive measures to stop infestations before they happen whether it happens inside or outside of your home in the garden soil or such. For example, you should consider seeking regular pest control services from a reputable organization in your area. In this article, you will learn about the best time of year to spray house for bugs.

When is the Best Time of Year to Spray House for Bugs?

There are warm temperatures between May and November. During the period, most homeowners travel to different parts of the world to visit friends and relatives, and entertainment in various joints.

Staying in accommodation facilities and traveling increases the risk of bringing back bed bugs into your home. According to some pest control services, the peak season for bed bug infestations is in August and September when most homeowners are returning home after traveling.

Bed bugs survive well in warm areas. Is it the best time of year to spray house for bugs? During the summer, people regulate their thermostats to lower costs. As a result, the two conditions create a conducive environment for bed bugs to develop.

The warmth results in increased bed bug activity, and homeowners can feel bites during the day and night. Some experts argue that it is possible to have bed bug infestation that residents only notice during the summer.

Unlike what many people think, bed bugs do not become inactive during the winter. The pests can survive at any time of the year as long as they have hosts. However, their metabolism slows down during the cold season.

If your home is colder during winter, you will feel fewer bed bug mites as the pests tend to take more time between feedings. If you maintain constant temperatures, you will not notice any difference when it comes to bed bug bites.

Bed bugs go through several growth stages. Most insects undergo larvae and adult stages before reaching maturity. The difference between bed bugs and some insects is that the former has five stages during its life cycle.

During their development, bed bugs shed their skin, and that is the reason why pest control companies look for shed skin when inspecting a home for bed bug infestation. The pests must feed on hosts for them to molt.

When temperatures are too low, the development process takes longer. During the summer months, the development process for bed bugs takes a shorter period. According to experts, it can be just over a month.

Best Time of Year to Spray House for Bugs
Best Time of Year to Spray House for Bugs

What to Expect During a Pest Infestation

Other than the best time of year to spray house for bugs, some homeowners ask about what to expect during a pest infestation and the signs of one in their homes. One of the simplest ways that pest control companies use during inspections is a visual inspection. No special tools are required for the inspections. Usually, experts use a magnifying lens and a flashlight. The magnifying lens helps to see the pests hiding in tiny cracks.

Dusting Crawlspaces

Most homeowners tend to overlook the attic and crawl space when eliminating pests. Usually, most people only think about the two areas when they have problems. Ensure that the attic and crawl spaces are well-treated when you hire a pest control company.

Bottom Line

Don’t know what the best time of year to spray house for bugs is? It is usually in the summertime when homeowners opt for residential pest control services. Ensure that you know the signs of pests and bugs in your home and ensure that you get rid of them as soon as possible.

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