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How Do You Exterminate Termites?

June 9, 2021

The amount of damage termites can do to your home can be quite amazing. The problem is that many don’t even know they have them. Termites can be feasting on your home for months, even years, before you find out there is a problem. So, how do you exterminate termites? In this post we will go over several ways as well as identify the different types of termites you may come across.

How Do You Exterminate Termites?
How Do You Exterminate Termites?

Types of Termites

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean termites are the type that lives in the ground. Their nests are the largest insect nests in the United States. They can be found in every state in the US with the exception of Alaska. The subterranean termites are the most destructive of the species as they can destroy homes and trees at a very fast rate.

Dampwood Termites

You will rarely find dampwood termites in a home. They prefer to live in the woods due to the amount of moisture found there. As their name suggests, they prefer to make their nests in damp wood rather than the soil.

Drywood Termites

Typically found in hardwood floors and timber, drywood termites tend to be one of the culprits for much of the home damage from termites. Although, unlike the subterranean termites, they destroy at a much slower rate.

How Do You Exterminate Termites?
How Do You Exterminate Termites?

Ways To Kill Termites


Although termites can drown, they can live up to 30 hours underwater, depending on the type of termite. They have to be submerged underwater in order for them to drown. The problem with flooding as a method to killing termites is that the moisture can actually attract more termites. In order to flood them and reduce additional termites showing up, the water needs to be cleaned up immediately.

Low Temperatures

If you chill the infected area for at least 30 minutes at a temperature of -20 degrees Fahrenheit, you can kill the termites. This is the only way to kill the termites effectively with low temperatures. The temperature and the timing must be right.


To do this, fill a container with equal amounts of salt and warm water. Fill a syringe with the mixture and start placing the mixture into the areas affected by termites.


Another natural way to kill termites is with sunlight. Termites cannot survive in sunlight which is why they like to hide in homes. Taking an infected piece of wood out into the sunlight will kill the termites. Allowing natural sunlight into your home helps prevent them from coming in.

Killing Termites And Prevention

We hope you have found this post informative. However, you may have concluded that the methods explained for killing termites, while completely factual, are not very practical for the average homeowner. The truth is that the only sure way to rid yourself of termites is to contact a professional pest control company who is experienced in the extermination and prevention of termites.

Finding them early is essential to taking care of the problem before too much damage occurs. Regularly check around your home for signs of a possible infestation. At the first sign of a problem, reach out to the professionals to help eliminate the termite problem.

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