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Plants That Keep Spiders Away

August 9, 2021

Using plants as a way to control or keep away pests isn’t an entirely new idea, though most people use this technique to get rid of bugs such as mosquitoes and many more. Similarly, you can also use plants to keep spiders away from your home. Here are a few plants that keep spiders away.

Types of Plants that Keep Spiders Away


plants that keep spiders away

The unmistakable scent of mint is a great insect repellent, and can be very effective at preventing spiders from making your premises their home. There are plenty of mint varieties that work well to repel insects, but peppermint is considered the most potent choice.

Mint thrives in a well-draining soil mixture and can easily take over your garden. You can pot them in a sunny window but be ready to repot when the plant grows or try to trim it to prevent it from overgrowing its container.


In addition to being a fantastic cooking ingredient, basil will also repel spiders and other types of bugs such as ants, houseflies and mosquitoes. Plant basil in pots in outdoor areas and by your house. You can also use fresh basil to make an insect repellent spray. Just be sure to keep the spray away from your eyes, mouth and nose.


plants that keep spiders away

Lavender features a pleasant aroma that will freshen your home while also keeping away those crawly critters. Plant lavender in sunny areas of your garden or near your doorway to keep insects away. You can also grow lavender inside your home in containers with drain holes. Extracted oil from lavender flowers can make an excellent insect repellent that’s safe to apply on your skin whenever you’re going to the patio or garden.


plants that keep spiders away

Chrysanthemums contain an ingredient refeed to as pyrethrum, which is an effective insect repellent. Pyrethrum is made from the dried flowers of chrysanthemums and most commonly used in home and garden insecticides. As such, chrysanthemums can repel most types of insects and bugs ranging from ticks and roaches to bedbugs, silverfish and spider mites among others.

Citronella Grass

Citronella is a well-known ingredient in mosquito repellent. The signature lemon scent drives away a broad range of bugs, making it an excellent insect repellent and driving away potential spider food.

Citronella grass is suited for tropical living so it will do well indoors if there are warm temperatures and plenty of sunshine. You can have them in planters near your doors to keep insects from getting into your home or in your garden.


Plants That Keep Spiders Away

Rosemary is as good for cooking as it is an effective insect repellent. The plant’s unique scent drives away plenty of bugs including spiders. It can do well in containers and thrives in dry, hot weather such as cities like Mesa, Arizona, so you can set it in various places around your garden.

In Conclusion

Bear in mind that the best way to protect yourself from bugs and insects is to prevent them from getting into your premises in the first place. Growing these plants that keep spiders away either indoors or outdoors should have you enjoying your free time with fewer bugs and spiders. In the worst case scenario that your spider infestation is out of hand to the point where natural remedies do not work, Preventive Pest Control offer spider control services that can keep the infestation at bay.

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