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Commercial Pest Control

No matter what business you are in, your reputation is everything. Your reputation is your brand – it’s what people think of when they work with you. This simple truth drives Preventive Pest Control’s commitment to be the fastest, most effective and reliable pest management service for your business. Businesses throughout the United States deal with an array of pest threats they need to neutralize. Pest threats can damage your brand’s image and put a huge dent in your profits. Performing damage control after a pest problem is not the solution – preventing problems is the solution. Combining world-class service with state of the art technology makes Preventive Pest Control the most reliable solution for your protecting your business from pest problems.


Food and Beverage Processing
Food Services
Hospitality Properties
Retail Stores
Office Buildings
Schools and Dorms
Property Management for Apartments


Our business protection plans include thorough inspections of your property and taking the time to understand your needs. From here we devise a plan that is cost effective for your business and provides you the peace of mind to focus on growing your business. Let's begin by calling Preventive Pest Control Phoenix if you are centrally located in the valley or our Preventive Pest Control Mesa AZ office for those residing in the East Valley.

If you have a current pest problem or need a pest professional you can rely on, call us today to speak with our team and schedule an in person inspection.

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At Preventive Pest Control AZ, we offer the best service in Arizona. All of our technicians are licensed by the state and trained in state of the art pest control technology. We service our commercial clients with technicians who have advanced training.

You name the venue, and our services will be there to rid the pests. Your place of business needs to be pest free, whether it is a restaurant or a hospital. Our field Entomologists help to direct our staff development and training, so that when you need results, our firm can deliver. Our pest control plans are designed around scientific principles, best practice benchmarks, and common sense. This is just another reason that wherever there are pests, our services are in high demand.

Plans that Actually Work: Our Preventive Pest Control (PPC) Technicians stay on top of the situation through conducting staff interviews, and using monitoring stations and site logs to nail down the problem. We recognize that every infestation is different. Let our Preventative Pest Control Design Team come up with a plan that's right for you.

The Inspection Date: During the inspection of your Arizona property, we will identify the problem areas. We look for signs of the pests. And we use these clues in the building to determine where the mice are getting their food, warmth, shelter, and bedding from. We can help you look at the areas in the building that need to be mouse proofed. After identifying the life cycles, likes, habits, and needs of the pests, we can best design a plan to counter attack


We use layered chemical defense, bait stations, insect light traps, and our on staff field Entomologists to eradicate the problem. We recognize that catching mice is a bit like swatting flies. These are moving targets that don't always leave after the first treatments. That's why we check back with the records we are helping you put in place to monitor our progress


We are open year round. Our customer service department is open six days a week. When you call, we direct you to real people, not machines. We give same or next day response. We value your business and strive to work after your business hours so that clients will not know you are getting treatments. Our managers conduct quality inspection checks, so you know you are getting the best.


Our good reputation at Preventive Pest Control AZ means everything to us. And we know you feel the same way because you need pest treatment that works. We never just spray the place and then leave you on your own. We check back after treatments to ensure that you are completely satisfied.

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