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Preventive Pest Control Mesa AZ

Limited Time Mesa Pest Control Special $50 Discount

At Preventive, our focus is on you, the customer, keeping your family and home safe from unwanted pests. We know trust and relationships are built over time, if given the opportunity we are confident your satisfaction with our service will allow for a long-lasting relationship.

Knowledge, experience, and a commitment to excellence is our mission. We provide a variety of services specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers in the Mesa area. Our promise to you; We will consistently deliver quality service at an affordable price and solve your pest problems

"I can't say enough good things about this company, they have kept my home Scorpion and Rodent free for over 8 years. When my technician noticed Termite tubes he immediately set up a free Termite inspection and had my home treated for Termites within a couple days at a fair price with a 5-year warranty. I definitely recommend Preventive Pest to all my neighbors."
- Sheryl H.

Mesa Pest Control | Serving Mesa and Surround Areas

*Red represents: Interior barrier, focusing on pest entry points and harborage areas

*Yellow represents: Complete liquid barrier around exterior of home as well as fence line and fence column treatment and interior of garage

*Blue represents: A long-lasting 15' granular barrier around the home

*Red dots ••• represent: Glue boards placed at pest entry points at corners of garage door and notable hot spots

Preventive Pest Control was formed in 1998, multiple branch locations are locally owned and operated. In the Mesa area we have two locations providing full pest control service in the east valley and west valley. We have built this business on a set of core values, Integrity, we keep our word and do what we say, Ethics, truthful and trustworthy with all our customers and co-workers, Knowledge, continually educate ourselves to deliver quality service, Respect, treat our customers and co-workers the same as we would like to be treated, this is the foundation that has been built to satisfy thousands of long term customers and co-workers for two decades.

Preventive Pest Control Mesa AZ

Common Mesa Pests

The following common pest can be found in and around Mesa

  • Rodents - Norway rats and mice tend to find their way into homes through small openings in the home.  They will often make their homes in hidden spots between walls, the attic, and the foundation.  They also like to nest in storage boxes and barely used cabinets.  Unfortunately, rodents cause damage to the home in the form of chewing the wiring and structural parts of homes.  Besides chewing, their urine and droppings can also contaminate food and places in your home where your family resides.
  • Cockroaches - Cockroaches prefer to live in dark hidden spaces in your home near drains, under appliances and furniture, and even in your cabinets.  Cockroaches often produce a strong, foul smelling oil and can carry filth around your home and on your food.  Some people in your home may be allergic to them and can become quite ill when there is an infestation.
  • Mosquitoes - In the Mesa area over 50 different species of mosquitoes can be found.  They require water to breed while the females of the species use blood from humans and animals to lay their eggs.  People and animals can get very sick from diseases like viral encephalitis, yellow fever, and malaria that mosquitoes carry.

Pest Control For Mesa Businesses

Unfortunately, pests are not only a problem for homeowners, they also affect local Mesa businesses.  Not only can cockroaches and other pests frighten employees and customers, they can cause illness when the infestation happens in a Mesa healthcare facility.

Both managers and employees should keep an eye out for the following signs of infestation in their Mesa business:

  • Break Rooms, Kitchens, Warehouses:  Pests like rodents and cockroaches tend to look for things to eat in storage areas and hide in cabinets and under sinks.  Businesses that provide food to their customers in Mesa could have their supplies ruined by these pests.
  • Dumpsters and Trash Cans:  Garbage within these receptacles call to just about every pest including mice, rats, and lots of insects.  Outside dumpsters can also attract much larger wildlife.
  • Standing Water - Standing water not only creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes, it can be a drinking source for other pests.  Keep an eye on any place where standing water may form.

Friendly and courteous.  Very thorough.  Would recommend to everyone.
- On Track Garage Door in Mesa

Bed Bugs Mean Bad News

Bed bugs create a major problem not only for homeowners in the Mesa area, but for the travel industry as well.  Bed bugs are parasitic, small brown bugs that live in or near places that people sleep.  You can find evidence of them looking at the mattress between the seams.  Bed bugs bite people and leave an itchy red spot behind.  Some people have an allergic reaction to the bites or can get an infection by continuous scratching.  

Pest Prevention And Solutions

There are a few things that people and businesses can do to help keep pests from becoming an issue in the Mesa area.  Some ideas:

  • Eliminate Food and Water Sources - Fix all leaking plumbing and drain unused pools, containers, and planters.  Empty trash cans regularly and clean them when you can.  Do not leave pet food out when they are not actively feeding.
  • Seal Entrances - Seal around any pipes that enter into the building.  Be sure to always keep your windows and doors closed and clean around the seals.  Inspect all packages and luggage coming into the home for bed bugs.
  • Remove Clutter - Pests thrive in cluttered homes and businesses.  It creates a perfect hiding environment for them.  Always try to stay tidy and organized, and be sure to clean behind and under your appliances regularly.

If you are a homeowner or business owner in the Mesa or surrounding areas and think you may have a pest problem, please reach out to us for help. The trained professionals on our team will inspect your home or business and provide you with solutions to handle any infestations. We can also customize a prevention program for your home or business needs.

Think Pest Control, Think Preventive

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We offer a 2-Year Price Lock Guarantee which means that you don't have to worry about increasing pest control rates for a minimum of two years.

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If you're not happy with your service. We return at no charge to treat your property, or refund or credit the cost of your last application.

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Customers Trust

Over 10,000 customers trust Preventive Pest Control services in the Valley to protect their family, home and pets from unwanted pests! Think Pest Control, Think Preventive!

"We had initially called Preventive Pest Control in Scottsdale to help us get rid of roof rats. Mike Davis, while inspecting our attic, pointed out how low our insulation levels were--something we already knew but had been putting off. We had Mike give us a quote and were surprised by how competitive it was. The installation process was quick and easy and the technicians were neat and courteous."

- Dave and Lisa Binsfeld

Protect Your Family And Home

Protect your family and home from unwanted invaders, we are experts in controlling scorpions, termites, rodents, spiders, ants, pigeons, and a host of other insects, choose from one of our value pest plans (Pest Control Deals in Mesa, AZ), specialized treatments for specific pests, home sealing, trapping and exclusion, one call for all your pest control needs. Serving residential homes and commercial building in the Mesa area since 2001. Give us a try and see what we are all about. Simply, the best pest control Mesa AZ service.


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Preventive Pest Control will do whatever it takes to efficiently solve your pest issue at home. Protecting your home from annoying and dangerous pests such as ants, spiders, roaches, mice and over 100 other pests native to our Mesa communities. Let us inspect, treat and prevent your home inside and out year-round.

Preventive Pest Control Mesa AZ

An Ounce Of Preventive, Is Worth A Pound of Cure

Our experienced Inspectors will provide a full assessment of your Mesa pest control needs at no charge. We will inform you of current pest issues as well as conditions conducive to future pest problems and the steps that need to be taken to reduce risk and save you money. Call your pest control Mesa professional today.

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