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Included with all our regularly scheduled service plans, first we identify “what” species of spiders we are controlling, that will help us determine “where” we need to focus our applications. Our technicians are trained to locate and treat spider habitats, under eaves, inside irrigation boxes, piles of loose debris around the exterior of the home and yard are all common hiding places for spiders. To achieve a clean look and destroy nesting sites, De-webbing around the exterior is always included in your service. Once we have treated entry points on the inside of your home, our regular exterior treatments are guaranteed to control your spiders and prevent further infestation.

Irrigation boxes and outdoor sheds are a favorite nesting site for both these spiders, this is why your Preventive Pest Control Technician will regularly treat and monitor those locations as well as other know habitats.

health hazards

Arizona is home to a number of non-poisonous spiders; however, the Brown Recluse and Black Widow species are both dangerous. If you think you have been bitten by either of these spiders seek medical advice promptly. Always wear proper clothing and gloves when doing yard work, be very careful moving piles of debris and don’t grab where you can’t see.

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Knowledge, experience, and a commitment to excellence is our mission. We provide a variety of services specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our promise to you; We will consistently deliver quality service at an affordable price and solve your pest problems

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East Valley: (480) 405-1426
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