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Ant Control

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Ant control is included in all our regularly scheduled service plans. As with most pests, ant control is accomplished through a combination of sanitation, cultural practices and responsible use of pesticide by a licensed technician. The goal is to kill the entire colony without “budding” the colony. Colony budding usually occurs when using the wrong products and not treating colony itself. Many homeowners attempting ant control have experienced “more ants” after attempting to solve the problem themselves. If you are facing an ant problem, call Preventive for a comprehensive and proven method of killing ants and keeping them out of your home and yard.

Health/Safety Concerns

Ant control is included in all our regularly scheduled service plans.


Native Fire Ants possess a powerful sting and should be avoided by people and pets. If you notice Ants of any species call Preventive Pest Control, in most cases we can respond within 24 hours (usually same day) to eliminate the danger. When ants contaminate any food product, it is best to dispose of that food (including pet food).

Store all perishable food in a sealed plastic container, store all pet food in sealed plastic containers. Wipe countertops and sweep floors regularly, leaving pet food out will attract ants. Grass, pavers and pool decks are well known ant habitats and will be regularly treated by your Preventive Pest Technician.


Knowledge, experience, and a commitment to excellence is our mission. We provide a variety of services specifically designed to meet the needs of our customers. Our promise to you; We will consistently deliver quality service at an affordable price and solve your pest problems

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