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Why are you here if everyone is supposed to be exercising "social distancing"?

Arizona State Governor Ducey and United States President Trump designated and confirmed that pest control is an essential service, we will continue to protect the health and wellbeing of our customers and their property as well as keep food production services and other vital commercial institutions pest free.

Is it safe for you to be servicing my home?

We continue to monitor and follow the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to ensure the safety of our customers and all our employees as it pertains to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Additionally, we continue to follow policies and procedures we have in place to address issues that may arise in the coming weeks. We plan to complete an exterior service at your home. This will include performing an exterior inspection to identify possible pest entry points, performing a comprehensive preventive perimeter treatment, eliminating accessible wasp nests, and removing spiders and cobwebs. Should you request interior treatment, social distancing within your home is required, if anyone in the home is sick, we will not service the interior of the home until all occupants are healthy.

Why should I be spending money on pest control?

Each year thousands of Valley residents visit emergency rooms and doctors' offices due to scorpion stings, mosquito bites, respiratory illness from rodents, roaches, pigeons and other vectors of potentially fatal diseases.

This is real, it is going to happen, and we are in a position to help you avoid unnecessary hospital visits, thereby allowing our health care system to continue treating COVID-19 patients and ALL critically ill people in need of urgent care. If we can prevent just one West Nile Virus infection or allergic reaction to scorpion stings or bee sting then we have helped the already overwhelmed health care system.

Why do I need the service?

In addition to the above stated reasoning, many people are exercising “social distancing,” they are spending more time at home, and providing pest protection is essential for the protection of your family’s health and safety. During this time of year, many insects are emerging, and it is important to maintain control of these pests.

How do I know that you will not infect me with the virus?

Our number one priority is the protection of all our employees and our customers. We have implemented policies and practices across our business to address current and new issues that may arise in the coming weeks. We have instituted many protection policies for employees and customers including but not limited to: cleaning and disinfecting practices at our branch locations including equipment and vehicles with an EPA registered product known to kill COVID-19 on non-porous surfaces, ensuring personal protective equipment is utilized, adhering to social distancing practice, instituted work at home policy for administrative staff, and we have instructed all employees to stay home if they are sick.



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