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Trusted by Valley Residents for 20 years. The experts at Preventive Pest Control provide quality pest control service, customized to meet your needs to keep your home and family protected from unwanted pests. Call today for all you pest control concerns.

Our friendly team of experienced technicians will not only treat your home as their own, they will inspect your home during each service and communicate any signs of potential damage from wood destroying pests, rodents, or conducive conditions that may prove costly in the future. We will help you be Preventive, so you and your family can enjoy the peace of mind you deserve.

Customized Programs to Fit Your Needs

Can Be Scheduled with Monthly or Bimonthly Frequency


A well rounded maintenance program controlling a wide variety of pests from entering your home.

  • Year-Round Protection
  • Free Service Calls Between Applications

Advantage Plus

Our most popular plan. With all the benefits of our Premium Service.
  • Mosquito Fogging
  • Semi-Annual Scorpion Dusting
  • 10% Discount on Exclusion and Specialty Services


Our most extensive pest control plan. With all the benefits of our Premium Service.
  • Mosquito Fogging
  • Semi-Annual Scorpion Dusting
  • Snake Repellent
  • Rodent Monitoring
  • 15% Discount on Exclusion and Specialty Services

*Free Inspection - Treatment without diagnosis is malpractice. Preventive will send an experienced Pest Inspector to your home to diagnose your pest issues and recommend a plan that solves the problem.

*Same Day Service - You have bugs in your home. We understand the urgency to getting the problem solved NOW. We can inspect and begin treatment within 24 hours of your request to begin service. In most cases the very same day.

*Fresh Batch Mix - Each home requires specific amounts of products to control different pests at different times of the year. We will mix fresh at every stop we make, ensuring you are getting the highest quality products applied in the most effective manner that produces the desired results

*Water - Our trucks carry clean, filtered water that has been pH balanced to mimic the laboratory conditions where they were created and tested. That’s just good science. More killing power for a longer period of time

Protecting your home from pests is not a one-time event. Ensuring your property remains free of pest damage and your family’s health is protected from pests requires a plan to prevent pest invasions from ever happening. Homeowners only think about pest control when they see a bug in their kitchen. But, the most effective approach to pest management is not react, but to be proactive and prevent issues from ever happening in the first place. This approach requires a trained eye to identify potential threats throughout your property and develop a barrier system to eliminate issues before they occur. And like other parts of your home, this system needs to be maintained and inspected for effectiveness on a regular basis. Preventive Pest Control’s residential pest control service delivers a thorough pest management process to eliminate pest issues you have now and prevent future issues from ever happening. Let's begin by calling Preventive Pest Control Phoenix if you are centrally located in the valley or our Preventive Pest Control Mesa AZ office for those residing in the East Valley. Property damage from pests can cost thousands of dollars. Health issues from pest invasions can be extremely harmful to children and can end up having lasting effects. As scary as these issues are, the wonderful thing is that they can be prevented. If you are experiencing a pest issue now, or are concerned with protecting your home and family, call Preventive Pest Control today.


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