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Ticks and Fleas Control

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Controlling fleas and ticks is a multipronged approach, long-lasting granular on the entire yard, liquid treatment on the entire yard, and treatment in the interior of the home. Pets must be dipped before the process of treating the yard and home. An initial application is performed along with two follow up services similar in scope at 7-10 day intervals to complete the service. The timing of treatment is critical to killing the egg, larval, pupal, and adult life cycle stages of both fleas and ticks

Disease carrying fleas and ticks not only make your pets life miserable but can have adverse health effects on humans as well.  These blood sucking pests can quickly inhabit the inside of your home resulting in painful itchy bites. Having your pets treated in conjunction with our multi-pronged approach to eliminating fleas and/or ticks inside and outside your home is guaranteed to eliminate the problem. Your service includes;

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health hazards

Flea bites on animals and humans can be more than just bothersome. Fleas can spread tapeworms to dogs and typhus to humans. Here are some of the health issues associated with fleas and ticks. Flea Allergy Dermatitis, Tapeworms, Plague, Ticks, Lyme’s Disease, Erlichiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, Anaplasmosis, Tularemia, Tick Paralysis, American Canine Hepatozoonosis, Cytauxzoonosis and Haemobartonellosis.

Health Hazards

Ticks have been a major problem in our area for years, more recently numerous instances of flea infestations have been reported. There are a number of theories of why flea populations are on the rise, more landscaped yards containing large shade trees and turf resulting in slightly cooler temperatures and a regular water source (also leading to more mosquitos), a huge increase in rodent populations carrying fleas with them, thousands of new residents moving to our state with domestic animals that may already have fleas on them.

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