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Weed Control

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In Central Arizona, fall and spring are the optimum times to use pre-emergence herbicides. Our goal to provide effective weed control is based on soil temperature and ambient temperature, and amount of rain in certain areas.

Our Preventive Pest Weed Control Program consist of properly timed pre-emergent treatments spring and fall and includes post emergent treatments if needed for stubborn or difficult to control weeds.  In some cases, mechanical control (weed eater, brush hog, hoe, hand pulling) may be needed to remove existing weeds from property prior to treatment.

Once we have inspected and measured the areas to be treated, our licensed turf and ornamental representative will propose the best course of action to maintain a weed free landscape for your property.  

Preventive Pest Control does not treat maintained turf area for weed control.


All our weed control products are mixed with filtered water that has been pH balanced to the perfect level for maximum effectiveness.  Each treatment is mixed on site and applied immediately for the exact rate needed to control your weeds.  As with any pesticide, special consideration is taken to create a buffer around any sensitive areas in the yard when making applications.  Pre-emergent applications- Kills weed seeds prior to germination, most effective when applied in spring and fall for year-round weed control.  Safe to apply over woody perennial plants, timely pre-emergent applications are critical to a successful long term weed free landscape. Post-emergent applications- Kills weeds that are already present and growing in the landscape. Our post-emergent treatments are usually applied with a “sticker/spreader” adjuvant to help penetrate the waxy protection weeds develop over the summer.  Once the product is absorbed into the weed, the product will be translocated throughout the plant to kill the entire weed.  Post emergent treatment is often performed at the onset of your program in conjunction with mechanical cut down and removal when weeds have begun to take over the area.


Over 20 years of experience providing weed control service for Phoenix area homeowners and commercial properties. Full year guarantee with spring and fall pre-emergent plan and no-charge post emergent applications in-between if needed.  Weeds in our desert landscape can be unsightly and have proven to be difficult to control for area homeowners.  Call the experts at Preventive Pest and Weed Control for a year-round weed free yard.

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